Programming 3

University of Alicante, 2023–2024

Second session (18/09/2023 to 22/09/2023):

Note on Oracles: Two Oracles will be active this week: Oráculo Práctica 0 and Oráculo Práctica 1. The first only checks the Coordinate class, while the second checks both classes from assignment 1, so you will have to implement both before trying it.

  1. In this session you will learn about Eclipse and JUnit:
  1. Before the session, at home, you must
  1. At the lab (or before, at home):
  • Read the Eclipse and JUnit workshop. Do the tasks from the workshop.
  • Assignment ‘zero’ control: Implement class Coordinate from assignment 1 (without documenting it) in the base Eclipse project, and submit it to the DLSI submission server.