Antonio Pertusa

Associate professor at the University of Alicante and member of the Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence Group (GRFIA) from the Department of Software and Computing Systems (DLSI). Executive secretary of the University Institute of Computing Research (IUII). Member of the executive commitee of the Spanish Association for Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis (AERFAI).


My research interests are in the fields of machine and deep learning methods mainly applied to audio signals, medical data and remote sensing.

Current Projects


[Principal Investigator] Optical Music Recognition (OMR) and Automatic Music Transcription (AMT) are the research fields that investigate how to transcribe music score images and audio recordings, respectively, into digital scores. AMT and OMR remain open challenges. MultiScore seeks to unlock the current situation by levering vast amounts of annotated data to apply state-of-the-art technologies in deep neural networks, and also to find intersections and synergies in both research lines.

Maritime Rescue

[Principal Investigator] The goal of this project is to detect bodies in the sea using deep neural networks trained with visible and multispectral images captured from unmanned aerial vehicles. It is being implemented for real maritime rescue operations carried out by Babcock Mission Critical Services Spain, and funded by CoreMain and public research organizations.

Deteccion de patrones infiltrados

[Principal Investigator] The objective of this project, closely linked to a larger BIMCV COVID-19 project, is using deep neural networks to find ground-glass and infiltrate patterns in x-ray images, which are common findings in COVID-19+ patients. This project is funded by the University of Alicante.


[Principal Investigator] MirBot is a multimodal interactive image retrieval system to classify objects using smartphones. It is freely available for iOS, and Android.


I've been teaching at the University of Alicante since 2003 in different subjects related to programming, signal processing, computer vision, machine translation, machine learning, and iOS and MacOS development.