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 Musicians: (original line-up and changes between parenthesis)

Sebastián "Chano" Domínguez (keys) (by Blas Lago), Diego Fopiani (drums and vocals), José. A. Fernández / Paco Delgado (guitar) (by Ignacio Olivera by José A. Mariscal), José Vélez (bass and vocals) (by Alex Benítez by Salvador Otero) + Carlos Villoslada and Carmelo Muriel (winds)


Mas allá de nuestras mentes diminutas

Noche Abierta

Canción de la Primavera

Metáforas de Luz


Noche Abierta / Alegrías de Cai

Soñé Contigo / La Fábula

Fiesta en el Barrio / El Viaje

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Spanish flamenco-prog. Mas Allá de... consists of four long tracks. The first two are poppy, meandering and boring, but the second two manage melodic fusion and flamenco tendencies, which form the basis for the much superior Noche Abierta. This is a more mellow album, but the melodies are bright and true, the flamenco feel is spirited, and the light fusion touches remind of Camel. Songs like "Soñé Contigo" and the title tune are memorable, but everything comes together on the soaring instrumental "La Roca del Diablo", their best individual song. (Mike Ohman)

They could be defined as a perfect mix of spanish southern (Andalucia) ryhtms and sounds with Symphonic Rock. The arrangements were very detailed and their first record was a piece of art, highly valued among collector of the whole world. A very expensive vynil only 35 minutes long. Only four songs were in it: "Mas allá de nuestras mentes diminutas", "Solución a un viejo problema", "Alameda" and "Pasa un dí:a". 4 impressive themes to be admired. In that first record the alndalusian influences were not so clear. Regarding the second, not so impressive, but there were also very good trakcs in it, such as "La roca del diablo" o "Alegrias de CAI", with nice words and more evident flamenco influences. A nice album. But the band themselves were never pleased with the outcome of the third one. EPIC forced them to compose some easy songs to be included in the album, concerned to the sales of the album. This way, "Canción de la primavera" is more commercial than the former ones, but also contains some good themes like "Mercadillo del piojito" (a Cadiz street market that every monday works in Cadiz around the futbol stadium). I think that their music was always very underrated, the musician were always very united, like a family. Their performance was very nice. Is one of those bands that if you meet them you can love them forever. (Aurelio Vergara)

The most famous musician given by the andalusian rock and one of the best jazz pianists of Spain arose from the ashes of Cai: Chano Domínguez. He has an extensive discography and numerous collaborations with other jazz and flamenco artists. Cai's first record was released by an independent company (La Cochu; ref. LC-001) thus it is very hard to find. Very appreciated by collectors. (Jose Manuel Iñesta)

A magnificient band, that got really high according to the preparation and resources they had by that time. They were able to touch the feeling of dissapointment and rebelliousness of those time's youth. In Cádiz and sorroundings, where they were from, they were appreciated maybe as no other andalusian rock group. Their "ethereal" lyrics connected with people that spoke like that by then. After all, they were young guys of that time, that live and express themselves like the others. (Rafa)

In 2007 they rejoined susbituting the keyboards for a wind section.

In addition to their official discography, there exists also a bootleg recorded in 1981:

Directo en el Cortijo de los Rosales

Review of the record "Más Allá..." (in spanish)

Review of the record "Noche Abierta"

Review of the record "Canción de la Primavera"

Review of the record "Directo en el Cortijo de los Rosales" (in spanish)