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 CAI : "Cancion de la Primavera"

CAI was a harmonic Spanish quintet with Diego Fopiani Macias (drums/vocals), Jose A. Fernandez Mariscall (guitar), Francisco Delgado Gonzalez (guitar), Sebastian Dominguez Lozano (keyboards and piano) and Jose Velez Gomez (bass/vocals). They released three albums entitled "Mas Alla Mentes Diminutas" (1978), "Noche Abierta" (1980) and "Cancion De La Primavera" (1981). The second and third album are released as a 1-CD.

Cancion de la Primavera is a top notch Spanish progrock band that made three studio-albums, this is their final effort.

1.- El viaje (4:38) : A very pleasant and melodic sound featuring wonderful Spanish vocals (warm and a bit melancholical undertone), tasteful keyboards (including a fluent synthesizer solo), twanging electric guitars and a strong rhythm-section.

2.- Tu mirada (3:12) : This one delivers a mid-tempo with a jazzy synthesizer solo, handclapping and fiery electric guitar, supported by sparking piano play.

3.- Mercadillo del piojito (4:32) : A track thats sounds like a very dynamic blend of jazzrock and symphonic with splendid interplay, beautiful string-ensemble and Fender Rhodes piano. The powerful and moving guitarwork reminds me of Carlos Santana (his jazzrock-era). GREAT!

4.- Donde tu estas (3:52) : First classical piano and warm vocals, then a slow rhythm with the wonderful string-ensemble sound, blended with sparkling piano. The final part contains sensitive, often howling electric guitar and soft synthesizer flights.

5.- Fiesta en el barrio (3:38) : "Fiesta" is Spanish for "party", no surprise that the climate in this song is cheerful (a 'latin feel') with a swinging rhythm and excellent interplay between the guitar and keyboards.

6.- Caletera (2:44) : It starts with the distinctive Fender Rhodes piano sound, then a mid-tempo featuring sensitive eelctric guitar and again the wonderful string- ensemble sound!

7.- Camino a seguir (4:24) : This one has a pleasant mid-tempo with a swinging bass, beautiful electric guitarplay and emotional vocals.

8.- Cancion de la primavera (4:40) : The final track delivers a cheerful atmosphere with lush keyboards, expressive vocals and great interplay between the guitar and keyboards, supported by a dynamic rhythm-section.

Don't expect very complex music or typical progrock with lots of soli and shifting moods. Just enjoy the wonderful melodic and harmonic music from just another wonderful Spanish progrock gem!

Erik Neuteboom (Progwalhalla/Prog Archives/Background Magazine)

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