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 Released: 2014
 Label: CDBaby


Track list:

  1. Cold and Grey (10:31)
  2. Drops of Water (5:27)
  3. Out of the Earth (7:38)
  4. Dumb Tongues (7:03)
  5. Every Day Brings Something New (7:49)
  6. Missing Your Love (5:49)
  7. The Camel's Back (6:25)
  8. She Lost the Track of Time (7:21)
  9. Remembrance (3:48)


  • César Alcaraz: vocals
  • Manuel Mas: keyboards
  • Antonio Valiente: guitars
  • Víctor Arques: bass and vocals
  • Gaspar Martinez: drums

El grupo alicantino NUMEN, conocido por aquel disco SAMSARA del 1998, vuelve con fuerza en el 2014 con un trabajo titulado "Numenclature" donde nos ofrecen un rock sinfónico melódico a lo Neo Progresivo tipo JADIS y a los CAMEL época Pink Floyd y a veces se desmarcan con sonoridades más propias del pop o del rock tradicional.

(Escrito por Juan Mellado)

The band NUMEN, from Alicante, known by that SAMSARA album released in 1998 are now back to scene with strength though a new work entitled "Numenclature", where a melodic symphonic rock is offered, in the vein of a neo progressive sound of JADIS, for example, or to the Pink Floyd-era of CAMEL. Although sometimes they play something more oriented to traditional pop or rock sounds.

(Written by Juan Mellado)

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