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Postgraduate Studies Committee Teaching Committee Economic Committee
Head of Department Head of Department Head of Department
Deputy Director of Research Deputy Head of Department Secretary of Department
Research Groups Representatives Teaching Units Coordinators Research Groups Representatives
Research Groups:
Teaching Units:
Other positions:
  • Deputy Director of Research at DLSI:
    Juan Antonio Pérez Ortiz
  • Representatives in other centers:
    • Faculty of Law: Maximiliano Saiz Noeda
    • Faculty of Arts: Mikel Forcada Zubizarreta
    • Faculty of Science: Rafael Carrasco Jiménez
    • Faculty of Education: Manuel Marco Such
    • Faculty of Economics: Rafael Romero Jaén
  • Commissions on Graduate Studies
  • Commissions on Master Degrees

Departament of Software and Computing Systems

University of Alicante, carretera San Vicente s/n

03690 San Vicente del Raspeig, Alicante (Spain)

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