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  • GPLSI Social Rankings] is a web application that allows you to track, in real-time, the ratings of different entities, brands, products and people on Twitter. It integrates techniques of sentiment analysis and opinion mining to automatically classify tweets as positive or negative, and then uses this information to provide a numerical value for each entity. This way a ranking of entities showing the best and worst rated, as well as the evolution of these ratings over time, is obtained. The tool allows you to make accurate predictions on opinions and trends.

  • METAe is software designed for digitizing printed material such as books or magazines. Its features include scanning, image preprocessing, OCR, XML tagging and automatic addition of metadata. The output of the METAe engine is an information package that can be used in libraries or archives. The core of the METAe engine is an integrated system for the recognition of documents designed to find structure hierarchies in books or magazines (such as the articles of a journal or the chapters and sections of a book), and other items that make up their structure (such as footnotes, page numbers or illustrations).

  • Apertium is a toolbox of open-source resources that allow you to build transfer-based machine translation systems that are especially suitable for translation between related languages; it includes a translation engine, maintenance tools and linguistic data for many different language pairs.

  • Lucentia BI Suite is a tool for the development of business intelligence applications. It consists of a number of Eclipse plug-ins that allow you to design each of the parts of a business intelligence application in an integrated manner, easing their ulterior implementation.

  • Authority is an open-source tool to assist in the practice of authority control when organizing bibliographic information if no external sources can be used to disambiguate the names of the creators; the tool is based on measures of similarity between the different variants in the names of an author combined with a parser that detects dates and periods associated with the creator.

  • GPLSI Social Observer is an application that retrieves tweets on a particular subject and automatically assesses the opinions in those messages. This allows you to keep track of people's opinions on a famous politician, football team, product, stock investment, or even an election. This analysis can be represented geographically on a map or as charts.

  • GPLSI Opportunity is a web application that automatically extracts relevant information from official bulletins. In addition, it is able to classify each item into a series of categories (infrastructure, construction works, supplies, etc.) by using patterns or machine learning.

  • GPLSI COMPENDIUM is an automatic summarisation system that can produce generic and informative English summaries of a given text; it is the result of a thorough research that integrates techniques of natural language processing to detect and extract the most relevant information.

  • Metamidi is a tool that extracts metadata embedded in a MIDI file.

  • Txt2smf/smf2txt converts Standard MIDI File note events from/to formatted text.

  • MediMap is an application that automatically evaluates correlations between the drugs contained in two medical terminologies (SNOMED-CT and OntoFIS). This process is usually performed manually. With this tool, however, the correspondences can be automatically obtained. Moreover, the tool can use this information to enrich the ontology OntoFIS with new lexical information.

  • Bitextor is an open source application which can generate translation memories from the parallel texts in multilingual websites; the application downloads an entire website and applies a set of heuristics mainly based on HTML tag structure and text-block lengths.

  • La Voz Observer is a opinion mining system that automatically scores the contestants of the TV show La Voz. The score is calculated from the comments of their followers on the social network Twitter. The application can detect if a tweet includes positive or negative opinions.

  • GPLSI Election Maps is an application that evaluates the political affinities of users based on the comments they make on social networks; this information is then represented on a map which predicts future election results for autonomous communities, provinces and towns.

  • SAÓ: Sistema de Ayuda a la Lectura en Voz Alta del Valenciano is a program (agreement with Acadèmia Valenciana de la Llengua) that annotates Valencian texts indicating the correct pronunciation for some difficult words (either because the pronunciation is not clear from the spelling or because they are common reading errors among people who are not fluent in Valencian). The annotation is not based on artificial phonetic alphabets but on orthographic hints.

  • TagAligner is an aligner of parallel texts designed to generate translation memories in TMX format from two XML files; the application uses both tag structure and text-block lengths to obtain the alignment.

  • DocTrans is a program that retrieves documents that are possible translation of a given text by using statistical machine translation techniques.

  • Bitext2tmx is a program that reads two text files containing a corpus in one language and its translation into another one; it then aligns and segments the texts and generates a translation memory in TMX format which can be used to integrate the resulting sentences into computer assisted translation (CAT) tools.

  • OmegaT-Marker-Plugin is a plug-in for the translation-memory management system OmegaT that uses word-based quality estimation techniques to annotate with different colors the words of the target-language part of the best fuzzy match to indicate which words should be kept and which should be changed.

  • OmegaT-SessionLog is a plug-in for the translation-memory management system OmegaT that logs all the actions that a translator performs when using OmegaT.

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