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Production of Multimedia and Interactive Resources for the Dietary Attention

Academic year: 2018-19 
Official information about this subject:
Timetable 2018-19:
Timetable of code: 36213
T116/10/1816/10/18Tue18:3020:300025P1001 -- A1/1-27P
P113/11/1813/11/18Tue18:3020:300036PS062 -- GB/INF4
T129/11/1829/11/18Thu16:0018:000025P1001 -- A1/1-27P
P110/12/1810/12/18Mon16:0017:300036PS062 -- GB/INF4
P110/12/1810/12/18Mon18:0018:300036PS062 -- GB/INF4
P107/01/1911/01/19Thu21:0021:300025P1001 -- A1/1-27P
P107/01/1911/01/19Mon18:3020:300036PS062 -- GB/INF4
T108/01/1910/01/19Tue16:0018:000036PS062 -- GB/INF4
T108/01/1910/01/19Thu18:3021:000025P1001 -- A1/1-27P

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