Programming 3

University of Alicante, 2023–2024

Assignment calendar

This is the assignment agenda for the 2023-24 academic year. In the event of incidents, the agenda may vary throughout the course.

The dates of assignment controls are indicated by the code ‘Pn’, where ‘n’ is the number of the assignment on which the control is carried out. Development sessions are indicated by the code ‘dn’.

The control sessions will be mixed, that is, both assignments controls will be take place in the same session, with two sessions for every two practices. Each student will take a control for a single assignment in each session (for example, assignment 1 in the first session and assignment 2 in the second). The control will be assigned randomly, where half of the group will take on one assignment, and the other half will take on the other one. The week before control sessions, a list of which control is assigned to each student will be published in the ‘Students’ section of the DLSI website.

We encourage you to use the Moodle forum to ask questions about assignments that may be of interest to all students. The advantage of using the forum is that, in addition to the teachers, other classmates can help you resolve doubts, and thus obtain a faster response. You should never post code to the forum.

You can also use virtual tutorships to resolve questions about assignments, or in person if you want us to help you solve specific problems in your code. Please, send the questions to your practice session teacher.