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This page tries to make a all-in-one page with references to pages in Spain devoted to Prog Rock: bands, tributes, general pages, stores... If you know a page that is not included here, please send it to me to the adress (inesta[sorry]dlsi.ua.es). Thanks for your collaboration!

Musicians' pages

Acid Rain Airun Allianza Alquilbencil Altair
Amarok Asfalto Azabache Azahar Benavent, Carles
Bibiano Bijou Bloque Círculo de Willis Companyia Electrica Dharma
Max Corbacho Dead Capo Dificil Equilibrio Dolores Dracma
Dr.No Errobi Father Golem Galadriel Guadalquivir
El Hombre del Saco Michael Huygen Ibio Imán In Nomine
Insigne Itoiz Jesdat Knife Kotebel
Llach, Lluis Macromassa Mapa Mascarada Medina
Moonloop Negua Neuronium Nuberu Numen
Nyu October Equus Omni Onza Pachá, Rafael
Pi-2 Picó, Santi Planeta Imaginario Psicotropia RC-2
Riba, Pau Ríos, Miguel Salamandra Seed Senogul
Sisa, Jaume Sobrinus Soler, Toti Soma Planet Sr. Morfus
Suburbano Sunyer, Max Tabletom Taifa Topo
Triana Unoma Urban Trapeze Vintage Xiquis
Zaguán Zyclope

Specialized on-line music stores and lables

Acetato Records ("Lost Vynil"). Discos Pat.
Discos melocoton
Guerssen Records (important spanish classic releases)
Margen Records Diskpol

Tribute pages

Camel Genesis King Crimson. King Crimson.
Marillion Marillion y Fish. Medina Azahara Ñu
Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd. Rush. Tangerine Dream.
Mike Oldfield. Triana. Yes.

General information pages

(This information is very hard to be kept up-to-date. Sorry.)

COSES NOSTRES. From Catalonia.
Club de Amigos del Rock Sinfónico. Specialized in Symphonic Rock of the 70's. 
El Mellotron. Progressive rock magazine.
Esquizofrenia. Prog rock crimsonic portal.
La Villa Strangiato. magazine. Devoted to the innovative music scene. 
Los Recuerdos del Unicornio. Radio Show and concert organisation. 
Margen. Web site in spanish about topics related to symphonic rock. 
Paraiso Remoto (Remote Paradise). Page connected to the Atropos magazine. 
Progvisions. A visionary progressive rock page. 
Stratusprog. Promotion of prog rock in Catalonia. 
SADD. Neo-prog bands and other stuff. 
The Bognor Restaurant. Harold the Barrel's Page. Chat room.
Universos Paralelos. News, comments and reviews. Connected to El Mellotron magazine. 
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