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 Musicians: (original line-up and changes between parenthesis)

Jesús de la Rosa (keys and voice) (by Rafael de Guillermo), Juan José Palacios (drums), Eduardo Rodríguez (spanish guitar) (by Juan Reina, also voice). With the aid live of Luis Manglis (electric guitar).


El Patio

Hijos Del Agobio

Sombra y Luz

Un Encuentro


Llego El Día

Quinto Aniversario

En Directo

Una Historia

Un Jardín Eléctrico

Una historia... de la luz y de la sombra

En Libertad

Sé de un Lugar

Un Camino por Andar


Recuerdos de una Noche (Bulerías 5x8) ) Luminosa Mañana

Abre la Puerta / Jaleo por Bulerías

En el Lago / Diálogo

Rumor / Recuerdos de Triana

Quiero Contarte / Vuelta a la Sombra y Luz

Hasta Volver

Tu Frialdad

Cae Fina la Lluvia / A Través del Aire

Una Noche de Amor Desesperada / Una Vez

Corre / Un Mal Sueño

De Una nana Siendo Niño / Aires de mi Canción

Desnuda la Mañana / Como el Viento

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A symphonic prog band that defined flamenco progressive and were the foremost Spanish progressive band. These guys, at times, remind me a lot of King Crimson in their early days, yet were a genre in themselves. With poetically styled songs, gorgeous flamenco guitar, and a very Spanish sound, Triana are a must to try, being a very important progressive band. Any of their first four albums are all worth the find. (?)

Their first may possibly be best described as symphonic flamenco. Lots of flamenco guitar stylings surrounded by a lush synth and mellotron backdrop. Electric guitar is also well represented, though usually limited to solos and the occasional fill. Triana have created a very original version of symphonic progressive and is well worth hearing. The vocals are in Spanish, very lovely, and are fairly abundant. Later albums follow in the same vein. Start with the first and work your way forward. Good stuff though they ran out of good ideas on the last couple of albums.(?)

I admit it, El Patio disappointed me a bit. I think that it has a low tone to me. Maybe I expected too much after hearing bands like Mezquita, Guadalquivir and others before. I don't mean that this is a bad album, but if you want to introduce yourself in the world of flamenco prog it is perfect: easy to listen to starters, and not very commercial (like Alameda). Mike Ohman

Only from within Spain an adequate valuation of what Triana supposed in their moment. The idea of combining the symphonic rock with the flamenco gave impulse to a generation of bands that cultivated the so called "andalusian rock," with groups like Azahar, Mezquita, Granada or Medina Azahara. The formation in trio: keyboardist + voice, drummer and spanish guitar was supplemented in stage with bass and electric guitar (usually played both by the same musician), and they achieved a personal and very imitated style in the late '70s. The death of the keyboardist and singer finish with the successful trajectory of this great band, from which today there are still re-releases and greatests hits that are best sellers. "Tele", in economic troubles, re-born the name of Triana in 1994, making gigs during 2 years and releasing in 1997 "Un Jardin Eléctrico" that had little impact, although it was a good symphonic album with a 70's sound. In 1999 they repeated with "En Libertad" that added a few tracks to some of those in "Un jardin eléctrico". Unfortunately, "Tele" died in 2002, ending the history of Triana. José Manuel Iñesta

"El Patio" has been recently re-released by Fonomusic.

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