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 Musicians: (original line-up and changes between parenthesis)

Eduardo Niebla (guitar), Juan Puñet (drums), Miguel Blasco (bass) (por Jean Pierre Gómez) and Paco Ortega (keys) (by Benet Nogué)


Beginning of the End (EP)



Intención + Reviure


Devoción / Sensación

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Atila is your basic four-piece progressive outfit, consisting of moog and guitar explorations over a solid rhythm section of good bass and aggressive drumming. The moog is supplemented by Hammond organ. When I said basic above, I don't mean to imply the music is basic - the music is excellent. Intencion and Reviure each consists  of four songs where the guitar and EXCELLENT moog work explore a variety of time signature and key changes throughout each song, trading licks, providing counterpoint and rhythmic underpinning during solos and so forth. I can't compare the moog style to anyone off the top of my head, except for perhaps the moog work in Mezquita or Crack, two other excellent Spanish symphonic progressive bands. The guitar influences range from David Gilmour to Carlos Santana to Andy Latimer to Jan Akkerman and beyond. Vocals can be found in one or two songs but not often and they aren't a detraction when present. Excellent symphonic that is particularly recommended to fans of the moog synth. (?)

The Catalonian group Atila released three diverse albums in the mid to late 70's. Starting primarily as a raw hard rock psych group, Atila evolved into one of the finest instrumental progressive space rock acts around. They are one of the few 70's Spanish bands to not include a strong indigenous element to their sound.

The Beginning of the End is a rough mix of instrumental hard rock with an incredibly long drum solo for such a short album. It has been considered one of the crown jewels of Euro prog, but it serves as nothing more than an odd curiosity of the very early post-Franco era. Best avoided except for completists.

The label BASF signed the group for their second effort, Intencion. This album shows what the band can do if given some time in the studio. Borrowing from classical motifs, Atila added what can only be called a vicious guitar sound with some strong organ/synth playing and quite a bit of drum action. Side two is a rework of the debut album, here titled as "El Principio del Fin." Starting with a Phantom of the Opera-like organ, the piece explodes into a Black Sabbath guitar riff before settling into an easy groove with moog, organ, fuzz guitar jamming, and drum solo. A must for progressive fans who like psychedelic sounds.

Reviure was promoted to super label EMI/Odeon, Atila produced another primarily all instrumental album. Now the hard rock/psych edges have been replaced by a smoother cosmic edge. The organ tossed completely for the moog and the biting fuzz guitar for a more spacey one. The complex progressive moves are still here, but now the focus is on long synthesizer drones and atmospheric spacey guitar. The four long tracks on display here are each marked by their superb composition style, changes of tone and mood, and subtle energy. Reviure is a must listen for the fan of Continental European progressive music. (Tom Hayes, as reviewed in Gnosis)

Review of the records "Intención" + "Reviure"