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Versus Five
"The Paths Behind Music"
Released: 2009
Label: VF Creative Sounds (self-released)

The Paths Behind Music

Track list:

  1. New way
  2. Funk reunion
  3. Rage
  4. Left behind
  5. 35 hours later
  6. Burst in tears
  7. Madness & Fran
  8. Papillon nights
  9. Assu
  10. Walk on a handrail
  11. Strange character


  • Carlos Navarrete: electric, classical and synth guitars
  • Pablo Barrios: keyboards and synthesizers
  • Riki: congas, minor percussion, batá drums, bongos and Tibetan singing bowl
  • Osvaldo Jorge: drums, table, calabaza, bendir and darbuka
  • Xavi Alamán: electric bass
  • Voro García: trumpet
  • David Gadea: cajón
  • Rika, Apa & Carl: robot voice

En el disco debut de los valencianos Versus Five confluyen rock, jazz, funk, flamenco, metal, ritmos latinos, elementos étnicos, toques electrónicos y mucha improvisación. Una formación muy ecléctica que aborda composiciones con mucha riqueza de texturas y din´micas, haciendo gala de un sonido fresco y directo. Un trabajo instrumental más que recomendable.

(Escrito por Eduardo García Salueña)

This is the debut album from this band coming fropm Valencia. Rock, jazz, funk, flamenco, metal, ritmos latinos, ethnic elemnts, electronic touches, and lots of improvisation come together in it. They are a very eclectic line-up that face their compositions with lots of textures and dynamics, showing a fresh and direct sound. I recommend that instrumental work!

(Written by Eduardo García Salueña)

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