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 SMASH : "Vanguardia Y Pureza Del Flamenco"

I was searching many years for it! Smash was a known and popular band that scouted the borders between guitar-rock and ethnic music. On the first half of this acclaimed Smash album you can enjoy the very unique atmosphere that has been created by blending flamenco and late Sixties rock music (like CCR, The Kinks and Cream): a catchy rhythm and a flower power climate with wah-wah guitar and cheerful flamenco vocals in El Garrotín, flamenco vocals and soli on electric - and flamenco guitar in Alameda's Blues, a great tension between a flamenco rhythm guitar and wah-wah electric guitar and a fiery electric guitar solo in Ni Recuerdo, Ni Olvido and a flower power atmosphere with biting - and wah-wah guitar, accompanied by Spanish vocals in Tangos De Ketama. The other half of this album is filled with songs that deliver typical flamenco rhythms (compas) like the Tarantos, Soleares, Fandangos and Bulerias featuring exciting flamenco guitar, the distinctive, often wailing flamenco vocals and some 'palmas' (handclapping). In a few tracks guitarplayer Gualberto plays flamenco on the Indian sitar, very special to hear! I am sure that this music will not please many progheads, but those who love flamenco music will have a good time with this CD.

Erik Neuteboom

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