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 SENOGUL : "Tránsitos"

Senogul is a band from the Northern part of Spain and is rooted in 2002. They have released a demo with covers from bands like ELP, Yes, Liquid Tension Experiment, Genesis and Frank Zappa. This CD contains five own compositions, the running time is only 37 minutes. But the musical level is high for a new band, I enjoyed listening to this new band very much, what a crafty musicians and what an abundance of musical ideas!

1.- Dr. Gull / Racionalidad: Wonderful interplay between sparking piano and flowing, very sensitive electric guitar (with echoes from Steve Hackett) and a catchy break featuring a swinging piano and jazzy electric guitar. The interplay between the musicians is amazing!

2.- Tango Mango: The band manages to capture the typical Latin-American atmosphere of the Argentine tango (I even hear the sound of the bandenon), very exciting and compelling. This long composition (at about 10 minutes) delivers many strong and surprising breaks and shifting moods and excellent work on guitar and keyboards.

3.- Microcosmos Blues: It starts with an early, a bit dark and propulsive King Crimson climate, then mellow featuring twanging electric guitars and soaring keyboards. This is followed by a slow build-up, a sensitive electric guitar solo and finally quite experimental/avant-garde-like musical explorations, again very surprising and adventurous.

4.- Travesía De Las Gaviotas: This is a short piece with a fine electric guitar solo.

5.- La Mulata Eléctrica: Fasten your seatbelts, this long track (almost ten minutes) will take you away to an exotic progheaven! The exciting catchy and propulsive rhythm and sultry climate reminds me of Rock Andalus legend Guidalquivir and jazzrock giant Al DiMeola (like on Race With The Devil On Spanish Highway), what a splendid music! Halfway lots of fine musical ideas: a short but powerful bass solo, 'palmas' (handclapping), a beautiful electric guitar solo and some very swinging and virtuosic piano work, again the interplay between the musicians is outstanding.

This year Senogul will release a new CD with re-recorded versions of their debut-CD and new songs, I'm looking forward to it!

Erik Neuteboom

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