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Label: Cyclops


  • Mark Lavallee - percussion
  • Francisco Neto - guitars, acoustic guitar, guitar synth
  • Jeff McFarland - vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Fred Hunter - bass, taurus pedals, organ, synths, mellotron


  1. Life as we know it... 2.51
  2. The revolution, like Saturn, devours its children 8.05
  3. For reasons unknown 5.49
  4. The philosophy of containers 0.28
  5. Terra surranum 12.47
  6. A castle, mother, nanny and a warm, soft bed 7.27
  7. Neptunes last tear 19.31
  8. Daura 2.12
  9. ...the end of life as we know it 3:25 + 7:00

Second album by this excellent band that means a step forward in terms of personality and search for their own sound, comparing to the first album, though the final result is slightly lower than that one. In my opinion it might have been better if it had been a more elaborated work.

The style is enough pinkfloydish and a bit neo-prog, with predominance of atmospheric passages, but we can now verify enough own characteristics, as the peculiar style of the drummer Mark Lavallee who has an important presence in the set of the sound, combined with the enigmatic keyboards and atmospheres of the keyboardist Fred Hunter and Francisco Neto's dramatic guitars.

Also they remind me a bit to a band like Talk Talk, though maybe it's for Jeff Mcfarland's peculiar voice, very similar to Mark Hollis', singer of this important band.

I would emphasize the suite " Neptunes last tear " where there are some very good and singular instrumental developments, and the final track " ... the End of Life seize we Know it ", with good guitar solos and mellotron atmospheres, but in general the disc is a bit monotonous and they lack more character and variety of registers to the tracks.

A good album of a band that, at the moment, was still being a promise.

Rating: 6/10

Ferran Lizana

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