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Label: Cyclops


  1. Conspicuously Empty. 11:26
  2. Neptunes Last Tear - Part 1: Pacific Coast Highway. 2:31
  3. Requiem Of The Sea. 14:43
  4. Persistent Memories. 5:57
  5. At Lands End. 15:25
  6. The Last Word. 10:28


  • Mark Lavallee - Pearl Drum kit, Hawaiian Punch
  • Francisco Neto - Guitars
  • Jeff McFarland - Vocals, Guitars, Bass
  • Fred Hunter - Bass, Pedals, Organ, Synthesizers

Lands End is an American band in the pinkfloydish way slightly similar to Purcupine Tree.

" Pacific Coast Highway " is the band's first album, and we might say that here they sound like a mixture of Pink Floyd's and neo-prog.

This is an album with very good ideas, but lack to make them concrete. For example the first track "Conspicuously Empty" is good but in some moments one notices that it might be more elaborated and better worn out, a lack of maturity is obvious with regard to their last disc "Natural Selection" for example.

Thought a track as the atmospheric and enigmatic " Requiem of the Sea ", seems to me very brilliant, a very personal piece that is well the worth, and also there are good the last two tracks " At Lands End " and " The Last Word ".

Summarizing, a good album undoubtedly, that the fans of Porcupine Tree were charmed with, although I think that it is not by far, the best work they have done.

Rating: 6.5/10

Ferran Lizana

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