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Label: Cyclops


  1. Stritly Speaking In Geographical Terms. 1:03
  2. From The Ruins Of A Fallen Empire. 14:44
  3. Love Through The Winter And Blood In The Spring. 11:36
  4. An Emptiness That's Never Filled. 6:03
  5. My Home. 10:30
  6. Natural Selection. 30:00


  • Mark Lavallee - drums
  • Fred Hunter - keyboards, bass
  • Francisco Neto - guitars, guitar synths
  • Jeff McFarland - vocals, acoustic guitars

With this third album, last up to the date, Lands End was obtaining finally, the work that places them among the great progressive bands of the 90s.

Their symphonic pinkfloydish style, with good spatial and sci-fi ambients in the vein of Eloy or the Canadian band FM, and light Marillion sound, it manages to turn here definitively into an own style and totally identifying of the band, obtaining the disc of their maturity, and overcoming widely to previous two "Pacific Coast Highway" and "Terra Serranum".

The combination of the mellotron atmospheres and lots of Fred Hunter's keyboards, the peculiar and domineering style of the great drummer Mark Lavallee, Francisco Neto's dramatic and cutting guitars and the voice of Jeff Mcfarland's full of personality, they give us really magic moments, which demonstrate the perfect understanding between all four musicians.

Tracks as "From the Ruins of a Fallen Empire", galactic "Love Through the Winter and Blood in the Spring", and especially the incredible "My Home", flood of changes, intensity and even certain virtuosity, and the grand suite of 30 minutes, "Natural Selection", in continuous progression, with very relaxing and symphonic sound and very different rhythmic and rabid moments, they are at a similar level to that of the best Porcupine Tree.

Definitively, IMHO one of the big albums of progressive rock in the 90's.

Rating: 9/10

Ferran Lizana

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