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 KOTEBEL : "Omphalos" (2006)

This is the new CD by the interesting Spanish formation Kotebel, it is their fourth studio effort since the debut album Structures from 1999.

Ra (11.30) : The first part is dreamy featuring flute and classical piano, then a very dynamic atmosphere with a propulsive rhythm, here Kotebel showcases their huge potential: fluent interplay between organ and guitar, sparkling flute work, soaring Mellotron, howling electric guitar and a fiery duel between flute and guitar. The most remarkable element in Kotebel their music on this CD is the opera-like female voice that sounds powerful with a wide range. It will not be everybodys cup of tea but to me the vocals sound as an extra dimension to the captivating Kotebel prog!

  1. Excellent Meat (8.51) : The dynamic, often violent music with lots of
  2. avy parts evokes early King Crimson, especially the fiery electric guitar
  3. d powerful drum beats, halfway interrupted by a mellow part with flute and
  4. oustic guitar.

3-8. Pentacles Suite (30.11) : In this half hour magnum opus we can enjoy Kotebel at their best delivering great shifting moods, strong breaks, excellent interplay and exciting soli on several instruments. My highlights are a howling electric guitar solo in Mercury Pentacle, a wonderful classical intermezzo in Venus Pentacle (including piano and cello) and lots of changing climates in the alternating Mars Pentacle (swirling flute, powerful bass runs, a fat synthesizer sound and virtuosic interplay)

  1. MetroMnemo (4.15) : A fluent rhythm with Fripperish guitar work and again
  2. ny varied and captivating musical ideas.

10. Joropo (4.53) : A dynamic composition, from dreamy with flute and piano to a fluent rhythm with splendid interplay between flute and piano and a strong, flashy synthesizer solo.

11. Omphalos (6.57) : The final song is the title track, it starts mellow but gradually turns into more dynamic and bombastic, the vocals sound outstanding between the lush sound of the keyboards, flute and guitar, a great end!

This CD is a very captivating musical adventure, Kotebel proves that 40 years after the birth of the progressive rock, bands are still able to make progressive rock in the true meaning of the word!

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