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 GUADALQUIVIR : "Guadalquivir"

Once Gualdalquivir was the support act from Spanish legend Triana and they also were the support-band for another Spanish rock legend named Miguel Rios. The music from Guadalquivir is instrumental progressive jazzrock/fusion on a very high level, it reminds of Return To Forever: tight, powerful, excellent soli and dynamic and pleasant compositions. I'm delighted about the guitarplayer, he sounds like the Andalusian Carlos Santana! If you want to discover Guadalquivir, start with their first eponymous album.

I would like to recommend two great compilations for any proghead who wants to discover the wonderful Spanish progrock: the 1-CD "Rock Andaluz" (Sony Music) featuring Alameda, Medina Azahara, Iman, Cai and Gualdalquivir and the 2-CD "Duende Electrico" (Fonomusic) featuring bands and artists like Iceberg, Triana, Miguel Rios, Guadalquivir, Goma, Alameda, Cai and many more, very interesting!

Erik Neuteboom (Prog Archives/Progwalhalla/Background Magazine)

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