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 ï»¿GOTIC : “Escenes” (1978)

This is a re-release from one of the Spanish progrock gems, the album Escenes (1978) from Gotic. In the first track you will love the plesant sound from the Fender Rhodes electric piano and the soaring, very distinctive string-ensemble. The melodic and harmonic, very warm climate and the flute play evokes early Camel, this is the most obvious reference on this album. At some moments Gotic surprises us with a fat Moog sound, the swinging underrated clvinet, a church organ piece or a fiery electric guitar solo. But in general the music is a fine blend of folk, jazz and symphonic featuring beautiful work on flute, Fender and strings. The final, very alternating composition (running time 10 minutes) is the highlight delivering many great instrumental ideas, a strong build-up and a wonderful theme. These musicians play with pleasure and there music is fine progrock.

Erik Neuteboom

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