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Label: Kaliphonia


  1. Expergi (8:45)
  2. Arbor (16:15)
  3. Gladium Caeli (9:40)
  4. Ignis Ab Caelo (4:20)
  5. Se Ipse Loquitur (3:20)
  6. Dialeghen (14:21)
  7. Omnia Evolvitur Sed Potest Mutari (8:41)


  • Mauro Collina / guitars
  • Alessandro Porreca / basses
  • Luigi Ricciadiello / keyboards
  • Marco Matteuzzi / drums, percussion
  • Alessandro Bonetti / violins
  • Alberto Piras / vocals

The first album of this impressive band is one of the wildest and violent works that has given the progressive rock in these 90's, but without leaving to be progressive rock. Pure dynamite in an album with a big spirit rocker, who possesses the same energy as if it was a live recording.

The influences in this first album come undoubtedly, from the progressive Italian bands of the more rocker vein, Il Balleto di Bronzo, Biglieto per l'Inferno, Il Rovescio della Medaglia or Osanna, besides other bands like High Tide, Grand Funk Railroad, the Nektar of "Sounds like This" album, PFM, Yes, Van der Graaf Generator, Gentle Giant and hard rock kind Deep Purple or Led Zeppelin. The jazz that abounds in later albums, here still remains very disguised.

The whole album looks like an endless jam, constant changes, unlimited energy, with the continuous solo work of guitars, keyboards and violins, understood well virtuosity, standing out the voice of the incredible Alberto Piras, who sings everything in Latin.

A spectacular work with magnificent tracks as "Gladium Caeli", "Ignis Ab Caelo", "Omnia Evolvitur Sed Potest Mutari" and especially the monumental "Dialeghen". Though all the compositions and performance are of a great quality.

Tremendous album of one of the great bands of the 90's.

Rating: 9/10

Ferran Lizana

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