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 BLOQUE : "Musica Para La Libertad"

I purchased this album when I reacted on an add in the former Spanish progrock magazine "Sirius". Spanish proghead Angel Romero (now living in the USA) offered his entire LP collection because of his "dust-allergy". How sad for him, how lucky for me! This album is a good example of the unique and delicate Spanish progrock.

The first two tracks "Pesadilla de vivir" and "El poder de la libertad" are tasteful mid-tempo rock songs with strong vocals and nice work on guitar. The third Anoranza is very beautiful featuring a kind of bluesy symphonic rock with warm Spanish vocals and wonderful choir-Mellotron waves. The final song on side 1 entitled "Camino del universo" sounds pleasant and catchy delivering delicate and varied work on keyboards and fine rhythm guitar. Side two starts with the catchy track "Tau Ceti" featuring a tight and propulsive rhythm-section, lots of powerful and fiery electric guitar runs and some beautiful choir-Mellotron, what a captivating combination! Then "Detenido en la Materia", an alternating piece with strong electric guitar work along powerful Spanish vocals, fiery saxophone and wonderful keyboard sounds.

Erik Neuteboom (Progwalhalla/Prog Archives/Background Magazine)

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