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 AZAHAR : “Elixir”

This Spanish four-piece formation made two pleasant albums. It sounds confusing but Elixer is their first one, their eponymous album was their second!

This re-issue CD has been released in a beautiful digipack Fold Out Cover. It contains the lyrics, a band picture, a short story and the tracking-list. If you compare Azahar’s music to Triana, Medina Azahara or Mezquita their sound on the nine compositions (between 3 and 6 minutes) is more laidback and more atmospheric, featuring tasteful keyboards (lush Solina string-ensemble waves, warm piano chords, sumptuous synthesizer runs), sensitive, often howling electric guitar, some fine flamenco guitar and strong, typical Spanish vocals (emotional and expressive). The running time is only 37 minutes but here it’s quality above quantity. A nice album but their next (and final) eponymous album is their best, in my opinion.

Erik Neuteboom (Progwalhalla/Background Magazine)

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