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 AZABACHE : “Dias De Luna”

Azahar was one of the first bands that I discovered while exploring the socalled ‘Rock Andaluz’. Therefore I was curious to their new musical offshoot named Azabache. The music has echoes from Azahar but it sounds more polished and contains a less Spanish flavored atmosphere.

The compositions on the album Dias De Luna sound melodic and often accessible but the arrangements are very tasteful with beautiful colouring of the keyboards (piano, lush strings, short synth soli) and guitarwork delivering some great howling soli. The vocals are distinctive, sometimes a bit high pitched but they sound warm and inspired. The ‘magnum opus’ on this CD is the composition “Algun dia” (7.22) featuring lots of changing climates: from mellow acoustic guitars and swinging to bombastic and propulsive (with echoes from “The gates of delirium” from Yes) with excellent guitar work, from bluesy and rock to fiery. In my opinion this is a wonderful and elaborated progrock gem from Spain.

Erik Neuteboom (Progwalhalla/Background Magazine)

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