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Title:Requirements Engineering for Ethical Systems: An Ontology-based Approach Import to your calendar:
Presenter:Renata Guizzardi
Venue:Sala Ada Lovelace
Date&time:14:00 18/10/2022
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Trujillo Mondéjar, Juan Carlos (jtrujillo[Perdone'm]
The advent of socio-technical, cyber-physical and Artificial Intelligence
(AI) systems has broadened the scope of Requirements Engineering which
must now deal with new classes of requirements, for instance ethicality
requirements. Unfortunately, requirements engineers cannot be expected to
understand the concepts behind these new classes of systems so that they can
conduct elicitation, analysis and operationalization. To address this issue,
we propose a methodology for conducting requirements engineering which starts
with the adoption of an ontology for the ethicality quality domain, populates
the ontology for the system-to-be, and conducts requirements analysis grounded
on the populated ontology. This approach provides requirements engineers with
a set of concepts of which they should be aware to prevent the system-to-be
to act unethically, and to reason about possible ethical conflicts that can
emerge with the use of such a system. We illustrate our proposal using the
case of a driverless car.
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