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Relevant Departamental Information about COVID-19 Mesures

Relevant Departamental Information about COVID-19 Measures

May, 15th 2020
As the Valencian Community is about to change to Phase 1, new measures and procedures defined by the University to deal with the new situation are going to be taken.
The instructions to follow by all the department staff can be found in the document IPRL-26 and its Annex, and also in the EPS webpage in which the specific instructions to follow in the Politechnic School buildings are stated.
Regarding our Department, it is established that:
  • the entry point to our installations are the stairs nearest to the lift.
  • the exit point are the stairs nearest to the head of the corridor.
  • if you need to use the lift, this will be the entry and the exit for you.
  • when walking along the corridors you have to keep to the right.
  • the people in our department who have their offices in the module 1 will follow the instructions established by the Graphic Expression, Composition and Projects Department. We will publish those instructions as soon as we know them.
Regarding the use of common spaces, like the Claude Shannon room, common laboratories at the head of the corridors, etc. you can check the maximum number of people that are permitted to be in them at the same time.
Lastly we want to remind you that, in this phase, what is most important is people's health and security and so, only the strictly necessary access to the building must be carried out.

Forms to Communicate Access to the Campus

(Statement from Vice Chancellor's Office for Campus and Technology, May 15th 2020)

Following the Rectoral Resolution of May, 8th 2020 and the entry into force of the Phase 1 of de-escalation, all the staff who need to go to the university facilities must fill in the forms the Preventive Service has published in its webpage:
Filling in the forms is compulsory and has to be done before going to the University, with at least 48 hours in advance, so that the Preventive Service can study them.
Remember that you must coordinate your visits to the university with the person in charge of each unit, following the internal mechanisms in each case.

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