This is a heading 1

This is a heading 2

This is a paragraph. Paragraphs are of block tyoe.

The headings are block type.

This is quote. Quotations are paragraphs that are displayed in a special form. Therefore, quotations are also of block type.

Another type of block elements are bulleted lists.

  1. Another type of lists are ordered lists.
  2. This is an example of an ordered list.
  3. The ordered lists show a sequence, by default numerical, that starts each item.

The source code can also be displayed as a block like the following:

    public class P5 {
        public P5() {

The last block-type elements are the separator lines. The following line is of this type.

Heading 3

Inline type elements are juxtaposed on the same line if they fit on the line.

We normally use this type of elements to show bold text segments, italics, or both at the same time

Other inline type elements are images like this one: UA logo, which follows the text

Another inline type element is the line break. For example, in this paragraph we jump after this word
to the next line.

We can embed a piece of inline code such as: java -Xmx4g.

Finally, we have elements that provide additional functionalities to other elements, which in this assignment we have retricted to inline elements.

These are the links like this one.