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 ZAGUAN : "Testigo Del Tiempo"

After new, splendid bands like Bijou and Senogul here is Zaguan. They are rooted in 1997 and started as a Triana cover band. If you listen to the vocals this is not a surprise, incredible how similar the singer sounds to the late Jesus De La Rosa who died tragically in a car accident early The Eighties! If I compare Zaguan their own compositions to Triana I analyse that Zaguan sound less symphonic (short compositions and a small range of keyboards) and more folky because of the more omnipresent flamenco guitar. That's also why I have Zaguan categorized as prog folk. The 11 songs on this CD are a very melodic and tasteful progressive blend of rock, folk and symphonic featuring strong and expressive vocals (but not that typical wailing of the flamenco singers), some fiery and howling electric guitar and fluent Hammond organ soli and lots of exciting flamenco guitar runs. I fyou like Rock Andalus, especially Triana, this great Spanish prog folk band is worth to check out, WHAT A MOVING EXPERIENCE!

Erik Neuteboom (Prog Archives/Progwalhalla/Background Magazine)

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