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 TRICANTROPUS : "Recuerdos Del Futuro"

In general I am delighted about the Spanish progressive rock because of the original musical approach, the good craftmanship and the pleasant amount of emotion, my favorites are early Triana, Mezquita, Alameda, Cai, Medina Azahara, Iceberg and more recntly Dr. No, Bijou and of course the sensational Senogul! This review is about the new progrock band Tricantropus from Madrid, the wonderful Spanish capital, hosting the new Spanish football champion Real Madrid and I am proud that so many Dutch players are part of that team!

But back to music, Tricantropus is a trio in which every member plays keyboards (along bass and guitars) with additional guest musicians on instruments like drums to rhythm-guitar.

The instrumental debut-CD entitled Recuerdos De Futuro (nice play of words, it means memories from the future) contains 11 compositions that mainly alternate beween mellow atmospheres and slow rhythms, often with jazzrock undertones. But to me it never becomes boring or too laidback because of the interesting accellarations and solos like in the tracks Mar De Cristal (fiery guitar solo with fluent drums and an accellaration with powerful bass runs and a flashy synthesizer solo), the alternating Bajo El Sindrome De Koro (lots of howling guitar runs and a swinging bass) and the beautiful and exciting titletrack (including a jazzy piano solo, a swirling synthesizer solo in a mid-tempo with delicate flutework and a strong guitar solo, supported by organ waves). In the 11 songs we can also enjoy excellent, often sensitive gitar play, a pleasant keyboard variety and an adventurous rhythm-section. The tasteful colouring by the guest musicans on flute, violin and piano adds an extra dimension to the music.

After a few listening sessions I started to appreciate this album more and more, the jazzrock fans and lovers of a guitarsound in the vein of Carlos Santana and Andy Latimer will be pleased. I am curious to their development and hope Tricantropus is not just another fine one-shot-band!

Erik Neuteboom

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