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 BIJOU : “El Profeta”

I discovered this new Spanish band while surfing on this site, what a great discovery! Bijou is an instrumental five piece band that plays in the ‘24-carat symphonic rock tradition’ with a modern sound. The seven compositions (running time more than 1 hour) sound very pleasant and dynamic: lush and varied keyboards (from sparkling piano to bombastic orchestrations), very moving duo- guitarwork (many sensitive and howling soli, harder-edged riffs or twanging guitars), a splendid and energetic rhythm-section and lots of shifting moods, accellarations and great soli on keyboards and guitar. A very strong point is that Bijou plays wonderful and captivating progrock with an own identity, what an incredible level for a new band on their debut-CD! The highlight on El Profeta is the epic titletrack (3 parts, almost 25 minutes), halfway they manage to create a very captivating Morish climate featuring keyboards that sound like the flamenco piece Zambra Mora, one of the most Arab inspired flamenco rhythms. The guitar riff is a bit too similar to Trevor Rabin his one on Owner Of A Lonely Heart from Yes but that’s the only fact I can be negative about, just enjoy this promising new Spanish band that has delivered a very exciting instrumental album!

Erik Neuteboom (Progwahalla/Background Magazine)

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